Look inside your business with CRM analytics and reporting

Visualize sales information and stats using our CRM analytics dashboard. Gain valuable insights from your data to make smart business decisions.

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Marketing analytics and CRM reporting

Let Inbound Suite’s marketing reporting software comb through your millions of data points.
  • Conversions by sales stage

  • Form completion, email click-through rates, and more

  • Marketing and campaign performance

  • Contact action

Sales reports

Grow your sales without having to sift through data.
  • Track your sales reports by day, week or month and see how they compare to previous time periods

  • Find trends for payments, revenues, and transactions over a period of time

  • Visualize your growth by having your sales reports directly in your app

  • Click into specific analytics for a detailed report to take immediate action

Contact growth and engagement analytics

Expand your list and convert more leads with CRM engagement analytics.
  • Take immediate action directly from the report to improve engagement

  • Track and filter by using advanced criteria and contact data

  • Improve marketing effectiveness by measuring weekly and monthly engagement

Payments and revenue analytics

Increase your revenue without using spreadsheets.
  • Track weekly and monthly activity for payments, revenues, and transactions

  • Use analytics data to manage your invoices and payments

  • Visualize your revenue growth directly in your app

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Frequently asked questions

Does Inbound Suite provide reporting on sales pipeline effectiveness?

Yes. With Inbound Suite’s pipeline reporting analytics, you can easily pull up a chart showing how your pipelines are working. View trend lines and see how your sales reps are performing.

What reporting integrations work with Inbound Suite’s CRM analytics?

Graphly syncs easily with Inbound Suite to give you access to even more beautiful, easy-to-read reports. You can even take immediate action by starting or stopping automation right from the reports.

What kinds of business decisions can Inbound Suite’s sales and marketing reporting software help with?

You can track every stage of the customer lifecycle, from initial engagement, to nurturing, to conversion, and even through the customer stage. You’ll be able to see where there are drop-offs in your marketing funnel and sales process, and where engagement is highest. When you accept payments through Inbound Suite, you’ll be able to track sales and marketing efforts directly to revenue.

Do reports and analytics change depending on which Inbound Suite plan I have?

Yes. Most reports and analytics features are available with the Inbound Suite Pro and Inbound Suite Max editions.

Can Inbound Suite create CRM reports based on audience segments?

Yes. You can easily segment audiences in Inbound Suite by applying tags. Then you can run reports based on the tags. Inbound Suite allows you to apply multiple tags to contacts in your CRM, giving you tons of flexibility in your audience segmentation and reporting.