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Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact to set up my Inbound Suite app?

We’re excited to hear you’re getting started. To get help with customizing your Inbound Suite app to your unique business needs, get in touch with Expert Coaching. They will also help you establish a sales and marketing plan for your business.

My Inbound Suite app is not working, how can I check what the issue is?
You can always start with checking any recent Known Issues. If you don’t see anything noted that could be a contributing factor, please restart your app as well as the device on which you are using the app. If the issue still persists, get in contact with Customer Support.
How do I cancel my Inbound Suite subscription?

You can request a cancellation right in the Inbound Suite app:

  1. Click the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen and then click My account.
  2. Click Cancel my subscription or Speak to someone about canceling.
  3. Complete the cancellation form in your application. Please share your reasons for canceling as we strive to improve your experience and our services.